Ariel Castro's victims show incredible courage as they return to the house of horrors

No one like Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus can tell exactly what happened in the house on Seymour Street in Cleveland where the three of them were kept in captivity for eleven years. No picture can reveal every bit of the horrible events and atrocities that were repeated again and again in what can be called a real life house of horrors. The place where Ariel Castro tortured and abused these women who are now survivors of one of the most heartwrenching stories we have heard about in the recent years, has got to hold within its walls some very scary secrets.

I can't imagine how extremely difficult it must have been for the victims to set foot back there after their escape...


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The women are a true testament of the spirit of human resilience. After what they went through and now as they emerge out of it all into the public eye, Michelle, Amanda and Gina are facing the monster and all of the memories that come with it. I'm just amazed at their strength. Learning of their brave return to the house as reported by the Daily Mail, where it all unfolded left me speechless, consumed with thoughts of what that must have been like. 

It's been reported that what motivated their return to the address was their need to thank the neighbors who helped them fly for safety back on May 6. How surreal it must have been to travel back to a place so dark after having finally seen the light. 

The house and the abuse and torture there during all those years has been described in detail (the rusty chains, the dirty mattresses, the cold basement..) over the past months by the victims themselves, by the detective in charge, by the FBI agent that found them. Photographs of the house show a place so depressing and haunting, similar only to what you and I have seen in horror movies.

After learning of some of the things that took place in that house I can only imagine what demons must live inside Castro's head. He now begins his life sentence plus 1,000 years in prision in total isolation, but he and his demons will not ever really pay for what he did to the three innocent women and a child who because of him will never be totally free of the horrible memories inflicted by him. 

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