Award-winning Latina journalist arrested for beating up her husband

Adrienne Alvarez, a glamorous and talented 28-year-old from El Paso, Texas, seemed to have everything. A successful career as an award-winning journalist and news anchor and a happy love life next to her husband Hazael whom she married in 2011. But something terrible must have happened late Thursday night because Alvarez was arrested for domestic violence and I'm sure the world has come tumbling down for this young woman.


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Apparently, Alvarez got into big fight with her husband and when the police arrive they determined she had been the primary aggressor. It looks like the beating she gave her husband was so brutal that the police decided to arrest her. Can you believe it?

I must admit that in the 13 years we've been together, I've wanted to slap my husband in more than one occasion. But neither he nor I have ever disrespected each other that way because neither one of us would put up with that kind of behavior. It's sad when couples lower themselves to such levels because I think it is very hard to recover from something like that.

In fact, people who resort to violence to resolve an argument often have other problems that must be addressed if they want to change. Who knows what will happen to this couple, but it is undeniable that it will be difficult for them to overcome this terrible incident.

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