Dad pays court settlement with 600,000 quarters because he thinks it's unfair

Roger Herrin is a 76-year-old retired foot surgeon, nursing home owner, and Southern Illinois University trustee that is so upset by a court ruling that ordered him to pay back an estimated $150,000, that he paid back about a quarter of the amount in quarters. Yup, that's 600,000 quarters that weigh 4 tons. 

Why is Herrin so mad? He's mad because he's sad. In June of 2001, Herrin's 15-year-old son, Michael, died when the Jeep he was in was hit by a farm truck that ran a stop sign in southern Illinois.


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After his son's death, Herrin was awarded quite a bit of money from different sources. In additon to $1.65 million awarded in a wrongful-death lawsuit with two insurance companies representing the truck driver, the Herrin family was also awarded the lion's share of an $800,000 pool for under-insured motorists that was to be split amongst all the passengers in the accident. There were three other passengers in the Jeep with Michael; they all survived.

Years, later in 2012 an appellate court ruled that Herrin had to pay back $150,000 of that settlement to be distributed to the other passengers.

Now, it seems pretty obvious that Herrin's quarter stunt isn't about the money. It took time and money for him to orchestrate it and the man has money (but he doesn't have his son Michael). He had to hire Brinks trucks and help to deliver the quarters.

The Southern Illinoisan reported that Herrin's quarter repayment was an act of protest and quoted him as saying, "It's vehemently wrong in my view and nearly everybody else in the world. If and when someone loses a child it leaves a hole in your heart that is never repairable."

The mother in me can not blame the man for feeling that no price is too high for his son's life. As far as paying the money back in quarters, hey, it's legal tender.

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