Teen miraculously survives 18 hours in wrecked car after rescue by heroic stranger (VIDEO)

An 18-year-old Pennsylvania woman miraculously survived being trapped in her car for about 18 hours after the vehicle flipped late Saturday night.

According to police, Brooke Spence crashed between 11 and 11:30 p.m. on Saturday and flipped into a culvert about 20 feet below the roadway. Hidden from traffic and any passersby, she remained pinned in the driver's seat of her car overnight and well into the next day. It wasn't until around 5 p.m. on Sunday that a man finally spotted the vehicle and alerted authorities.


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Brad Shearer was sitting on his deck early Sunday evening, when he saw something gold glinting in the underbrush near a creek by his house. Upon investigating, he saw the vehicle--and Spence lying on her back under the overturned car. He immediately leapt into action, yelling at his wife to call 911 and helping the teen remain calm while help arrived.

"She looked busted up," he told Lancaster Online. "That's why I was amazed, considering the shape of the vehicle, she was just lying there. The steering wheel was all mangled up."

Spence's parents were reportedly away on vacation at the time so no one had immediately realized she was missing. Though the teen was still in serious condition at the hospital as of Monday, authorities are saying that Shearer's actions saved her life. 

That poor girl ... I can't even begin to imagine how terrifying it must be to be pinned in a car for hours, with no means of signaling for help. Thank goodness that Shearer happened to spot the vehicle and was able to rescue her before this horrific accident turned into a true tragedy. He is a true hero and I'm sure both her and her parents will forever be thankful for his help. I wish Spence a speedy recovery!

Image via FOX43

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