Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova honestly believes she's an alien & I sort of agree (VIDEO)

I always thought "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova was missing a few screws. But after hearing about her Vice documentary, Space Barbie, I'm now convinced this chick is a total loca! Not only is she completely obsessed with looking like a Barbie doll, but apparently she believes she's an immortal being from another planet. Holy crap, that's beyond crazy!


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Valeria has fascinated the world with her scary Barbie doll-like resemblance, which she has mastered with the help of plastic surgery and incredible makeup skills. So Vice documentary-maker Will Fairman decided to shoot a documentary on her mysterious life as a human Barbie. The film was shot in Ukraine, where Valeria lives  and reveals some pretty bizarre (but not exactly surprising) things about her life. One being that she believes she's from another planet …

"I followed up and discovered she was a new age opera composer and gave seminars on spirituality, so she obviously had a few more strings to her bow than just being a tumblr girl, " Fairman told the U.K.'s MailOnline. The documentary focuses on Valeria's spiritual and astral theories. This woman actually believes she comes from another planet, like Venus. "I come from a place where only love and joy exist," she says in the documentary where she also suggests she might be an energy vampire (whatever the hell that is).

So … lemme get this straight. This chica totally transforms her looks so that she could look like a living Barbie, but also believes she's some sort of alien from outer space? She must be out of her mind!

Oh and if you're still not convinced she suffers from psychological issues, you should know that she took herself to see a psychiatrist because she claims she was hearing strange voices in her head and seeing different beings. Unfortunately, the shrink was just as crazy as her because he told her he thinks she's just a psychic. Seriously?

To be honest with you, I kind of feel sorry for Valeria. I don't know what happened to her growing up, but it must have been traumatic to have lead her to become an adult who wants to look like Barbie and believes she's an extraterrestrial being. Someone needs to get this poor girl some help ASAP!

Image via Vice

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