"Beware of this kid, he bites!" warns daycare who posted 2-year-old's picture on Craigslist

Have you ever known a 2-year-old child to bite? It happens, right? Well, apparently Tiny Tots Daycare Center in Chandler, Arizona, which is run by mother and daughter team Maria Sul and Carmella Sul out of the nice home pictured here, had never seen anything like it because they had the nerve to post a picture of 2-year-old Ryan Jones on Craigslist with the warning: "Beware of this kid, he bites."

I would be livid if a childcare center did something like that to my child. Doesn't it seem just totally wrong to target a 2-year-old in such a way? And also, it does not speak well of the childcare facility that would do such a thing, Well, of course there is a backstory.


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Both Ryan Jones and his 5-year-old brother were enrolled in Tiny Tots. The boys' mother, Maggie Jones, found the center through Craigslist and at first was very happy to have found a place that seemed perfect for her children, but then Jones' 5-year-old son started complaining that he wasn't getting enough food. Naturally, Jones said something to the center about it and soon thereafter both of the boys were kicked out of the center. Jones was told that her 2-year-old had bit another child.

Upset, Jones took to Craigslist to warm other parents about the daycare center and in what appears to be nothing short of retaliation, the daycare center posted a picture of 2-year-old Ryan because I guess he's such a biting menace that other daycare centers need to be warned about him. Come on! That's total BS.

This story was brought to light by Dateline in their Wild Wild Web coverage. What bothers me the most is that the state of Arizona has not received any formal complaints against the center even though Dateline was able to find other disgruntled parents with legitimate concerns.

People, if a daycare does wrong by you and your child, please report it through official channels. Craigslist is not enough and as you can see from this example, people with no sense of decorum can also use Craigslist against you and your child.

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