Latina mom undergoes months of chemotherapy for cancer she didn't have (VIDEO)

Herlinda Garcia of Victoria, Texas has gone through something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. The 54-year-old mother of four was told by Dr. Ahmad Qadri that she had stage four terminal cancer. The diagnosis came in 2009 right after having a benign tumor removed from her left breast. The thing is that the doctor was wrong, she did not have cancer.

Dr. Ahmad Qadri misread a PET/CT scan and he mistakenly thought she had swollen lymph nodes. Garcia did not find out about the mistake until after she had already gone through eight rounds of chemotherapy and spent months getting ready to die.


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Garcia was so convinced that she had been given a death sentence that she had given away most of her possessions and even made a bucket list. Her certainty that death was just around the corner led to depression and she sought treatment for anxiety at Citizens Medical Center in Houston. Thank goodness she went there because doctors there performed scans and suspected she never had cancer to begin with and their suspicions were confirmed by a second opinion from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Dr. Ahmad Qadri is no longer alive, but $367,500 in damages has been awarded by a Victoria County jury from his estate to Garcia for physical pain and mental anguish. I don't care how much money this woman is awarded, it can never make up for what she went through.

This has got to serve as a HUGE reminder to all of us that even if you really trust your doctor, it is ALWAYS a good idea to get a second opinion. Doctors are only human after all.

Image via KHOU

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