6-year-old boy commits suicide after parents' divorce & it's heartbreaking beyond words

A 6-year-old Idaho boy committed suicide by hanging himself in the kitchen of his family's home, police revealed recently.

The boy, who has not been identified, died in early June and after a month-long investigation, authorities have officially ruled his death a suicide--reportedly making this the fourth-ever confirmed case of suicide by a 6-year-old in the U.S. since 2007.

This is horrible beyond words. A 6-year-old committing suicide? What is this world coming to?


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Apparently, the boy and his 7-year-old sister were watching TV together, while their mother and stepfather were showering and getting dressed. The sister later told police that her brother left the room and started making noise in the kitchen about 20 minutes later. When she went to go check on him, she found the boy's body hanging from the freezer door of the fridge. My god ... I can't even imagine how traumatic that must have been for this poor little girl.

After hearing their daughter's screams, the parents ran to the kitchen, called 911, and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. Police found no evidence of foul play. Though a spokesperson said investigators were unable to determine whether boy intentionally committed suicide, school records and interviews with relatives revealed that the child was allegedly suffering from anger issues related to his parents' divorce two years earlier.

What an utterly devastating tragedy. It's one of those cases that leaves you not just speechless, but shocked to the core. As an adult, we all want to protect a child's innocence and assume that they know nothing of dark things like suicide. But these days, it seems as if all kids to be growing up way too fast--and it's easier than ever for extremely young children to learn about things well beyond their maturity level. Combine that with a difficult event (in this case, his parents' divorce) and it could end up with more and more kids resorting to rash actions. It's a scary and heartbreaking realization, but it also proves that active and attentive parenting is more important than ever.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this boy's family, particularly this little sister, who I hope is getting any help she might need after witnessing such a horrific ordeal.

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