Talia Castellano dies of cancer, but we'll never forget her

In absolutely heartbreaking news, Talia Castellano, the 13-year-old YouTube beauty guru who was eventually named an honorary CoverGirl, died this morning. Castellano had been fighting cancer since her initial diagnosis in 2007, but had recently taken a turn for the worse and been hospitalized for close to 6 months.

Having followed her story for over a year now, I couldn't help but feel tears well in my eyes upon hearing the devastating announcement, which was made on the "Angels For Talia" Facebook page.


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The statement, which was accompanied by a photo of Castellano toting a suitcase behind her, read:

‪#‎prayfortalia It is with a heavy heart that we share with all of you that Talia has earned her wings at 11:22am. Please lift her beautiful soul, her beautiful light to heaven and please send your love and prayers to her family during this most difficult time. God speed little one, may you be free from pain and suffering, may your soul feel the light and love that you brought to so many of us on this Earth during the short time you were her with us. We will miss you more than you will ever know baby girl.

TV host Ellen Degeneres, who featured Castellano on her show and helped make her a fellow CoverGirl, took to Twitter to share her condolescences, writing, "This year I met a very special girl, and today we lost her. Sending my heart to Talia's family. I'm so sad."

I think anyone who knew Castellano's story feels just as shattered. At only 13 years old, Castellano managed to touch so many lives and inspire so many people, from kids her age to grown adults. Though I can't even begin to imagine how devastated her family must feel right now, I hope they know and can take comfort in the fact that she made a difference in a lot of people's worlds--including mine. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her loved ones.

We'll never forget you, Talia.

Image via Angels For Talia/Facebook

What is your favorite Talia memory?

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What is your favorite Talia memory?

on Jul 17, 2013 at 5:24 AM

i am so sorry for your lost , but  know this that she in a place where their is no pain. in my prayer life i have visit the temple of peace and i can tell you their no place like it in earth know this your child gave the best of her to everybody that came across her. i read her story and i couldn't believe the courage this young girl had. what a bless it must be to her parent to know that they had an angel in their midst of their life and to have been chosen by God to be the parents of this beautiful angel


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on Jul 17, 2013 at 6:33 PM
Talia touched so many lives in such a short time. She is now whole and in the arms of Jesus. Rest in Peace sweet Angel.
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on Jul 17, 2013 at 10:29 PM

May she rest in peace. We were blessed that she came into our lives in this way.  An angel in disguise was sent to us  to teach us never to give up, to be strong , and lastly she gave us courage to face the battle of this disease. She will always be remembered, God bless her soul and her spirit, and may God give her family the peace and serenity for their precious loss.. My prayers go out to the family and friends who knew her personally.

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