Teacher arrested after giving birth to student's baby & when is this going to stop!? (VIDEO)

A high school teacher in Southern California was arrested on Monday night, two weeks after she gave birth to a baby that was allegedly fathered by a student.

According to local police, 28-year-old Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, is now facing unlawful sex charges after reportedly having sex with a 16-year-old. Whitehurst was reportedly the boy's advisor. Can you believe that?!


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Citrus Valley High School officials received a tip from the student's mother earlier in the week and contacted authorities. They discovered that the relationship began last summer when the boy was 16 and continued for nearly a year. He is now 17.

In a statement, the district's Assistant Superintendent Sabine Robertson-Phillips said they were "recently made aware of allegations involving a high school student and teacher" and that police were notified and the teacher placed on leave.

Whitehurst gave birth to the baby in mid-June.

Seriously, when will these school employees learn their lessons? These cases need to stop. It's unbelievable to me that some teachers, guidance counselors, etc. would take advantage of the students they're supposed to be helping. Do they not realize that doing so can have serious consequences not only on them, but on the child as well? Just look at this particular scenario--at 17, this boy is now a father and to a child concieved with his own school advisor. That's something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life--when all of this could've been avoided had the teacher acted like a responsible adult and not gotten involved with him in the first place.



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