Little girl's body found under a tarp on quiet street in horrific suburb mystery (VIDEO)

A 5-year-old girl's dead boy was found naked underneath a tarp in Saginaw, Texas by teens playing in the area. According to the police, the teens said the little girl had her hands and feet bound together, a plastic bag over her head, and was wearing nothing except for a pair of purple underwear.

Her parents, who lived about a mile and a half away, are being questioned by police who have acquired a search warrant for the home. Neighbors say the little girl's name was Alanna Gallagher and that she was well known in the neighborhood. The shocking discovery rocked the suburban Texas town which is known to be relatively safe.  


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Josh Smith, the 18-year-old who found the boy, told KXAS-TV that he was originally told by his mother to dispose of a tarp left in the middle of the road. Expecting to find garbage, he was left in tears and in horror after finding the dead girl's body.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, police are still not sure what caused the child's death and are trying to find out if the parents are responsible for the crime. The little girl's parents reportedly went around the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen her, but it is unclear if they reported her missing before or after the body was discovered.

But police say they may have a lead after being told by neighbors that a red pickup truck with a green splotch on one of its doors was seen in the area not long before the body was found. Authorities think the body may have fallen from the truck and are looking to track down the owner.

Many of her neighbors recall the little girl as a smart child who had a great sense of humor and would play with many of the children in the area. As the community remains shocked by this tragedy, a makeshift memorial was set up for the little girl who was taken away in such a cruel and gruesome manner.

It's heartbreaking to know that a little girl with such a big heart and spirit had to be killed this way. I'll never understand the sick individuals out there who cause harm to defenseless children and think they can get away with it. My thoughts go out to this little girl's family and I hope police soon catch the disgusting person who did this.

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