Nanny cam home invasion video leads to arrest of suspect

Shawn Custis has been taken in to custody for the home invasion and attack of a woman last week that captured tons of media attention because a nanny cam caught the entire incident on camera, and it was BRUTAL.

On the video, a man matching Custis' description is scene breaking in to the home and then beating a woman and throwing her down the stairs--all while her poor three-year-old daughter watches and cowers on the couch. 


Custis, 42, is now facing charges including murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment and I'm glad they seem to have caught the monster who did this. 

The crime happened last Friday in Millburn, NJ and as soon as the footage was made public by police on Tuesday, a whole community was on the look out for the man seen punching and kicking an innocent woman in front of her terrified toddler.

"There was no reason for him to touch her at all because she would have willingly gave him what he wanted," Palardy said. "I've probably gone through this video 20 times, and it still sickens me every time I see it. He had no regard for her life. He didn't care if she lived or died." 

Maybe that is why the victim, who has not been named publicly by police, wanted people to see the video, to aid in the capture of the attacker. 

Anthony Ambrose, Essex County chief of detectives, said that they were transporting Custis to an undisclosed location in New Jersey.