Sex-offender dad inexplicably granted sole custody of 6-year-old daughter

For some insane reason, Nicholas Elizondo, a convicted sex offender who raped his 6-year-old step daughter, has been granted sole custody of his biological daughter by an Oklahoma judge.

The worst part? His biological daughter is the same age his step daughter was when he abused her, 6--AND poor little Sarah already came home once telling her mom that her 19-year-old step brother had touched her in a "bad place" when she was taking a bath.

So, how did this terrible court decision even happen?


Well, apparently Elizondo, 55, filed for sole custody when his ex-wife Lisa Knight stopped allowing him to visit their daughter, Sarah.

"I don't understand how a sex offender can just walk in the courtroom and just take her after I've had her for six years," Knight wondered after the verdict was announced.

There is speculation that Oklahoma County Judge Howard Haralson retaliated against the mom because he felt like the last minute claims from the little girl about being touched innapropriately was fabricated, which just makes no sense! I mean, who cares if it was fabricated or not, the fact of the matter is that her father gave up his right to ever be alone with another child the moment he decided to abuse his own helpless 6-year-old stepdaughter 10 years ago. 

UGH, I have NO IDEA what could be going on in any adult's head in order to make the incredibly stupid decision to send a poor, defenseless child to live with a documented sexual predator. The little girl's mom is obviously distraught about the situation, arguing that not only is it dangerous to have a little girl the EXACT SAME AGE as his last victim living under Elizondo's roof, but also that his conviction essentially means that Sarah will never be able to live a normal childhood with her biological father due to his conviction.

"I just know that his victim was 6 years old at the time and Sarah is 6 years old right now," said Knight.

"He can't take her to Chuck E. Cheese. He can't take her to a park," Knight's cousin lamented. "He can't go to her school. He's not allowed in school."

Image via KFOR.TV