'Breaking Bad' fan kills his girlfriend, tries to dispose of body in acid like Walter showed him

Jason Hart, a 27-year-old Washington man, attempted to pull a stunt from the popular AMC show Breaking Bad after he strangled his girlfriend, Regan Jolly, and tried to get rid of her nude body by leaving it in a tub full of acid. On the show, the main character Walter White disposes of his victims' bodies by leaving them to disintegrate in a container filled with hydroflouric acid.

However, in Hart's case, his plan didn't go as he intended after police made the gruesome discovery. He was charged with second degree murder but has pleaded not guilty to the crime.


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Hart is an army vet who reportedly suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and was married, but had been facing marriage troubles recently. His wife, Jessica told KHQ.com that they had been married for six years and had two kids, but that after he returned home from being deployed in Iraq, her husband was not the same. This ended up destroying their marriage, and she moved out. Hart had reportedly been dating the woman he had killed for a few weeks.

Jessica also feared Hart when he was under the influence of drugs and said he would become a different person. Sadly, she wasn't surprised when she found out what he had done due to his recent erratic behavior. According to Hart's roommate Dean Settle, he spotted a puddle of water in the garage which led him to the tub where Hart had left Jolly's body submerged in the acid. He believed Hart was trying to copy the acid method the show uses to get rid of dead bodies. Cops confirmed that Hart had been trying to do just that after finding an episode of the show cued up on his DVD player.

Hart has pleaded not guilty to the second degree murder charges he is facing and his trial is set to begin later this August. Wow, this story is completely eerie!

As a Breaking Bad fan myself, it disturbs me to know that this man tried to follow through with the popular body disposing method on the show. I'm sure there have been many people have probably attempted to copy the show one way or another, but this is the sickest story I've heard. This poor woman was killed by a mentally unstable married man and his wife has to deal with explaining to their kids what their father did. It's sad that PTSD has this effect, but in this case he should have been seeking professional help and instead he's now facing hard time if he is convicted.   

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