Evil mom arrested after her 2-day-old baby is rescued from drain pipes

Another evil mom has tried to get rid of her newborn baby by disposing of him like trash. This time, though, a Latina mom in Spain was arrested after she threw her baby down the drain pipes of the building where she lived. The horrific crime has left Spain stunned.

I can't honestly believe this is possible and feel wrong describing this poor excuse for a human being a "mom." What she did is unforgivable.


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Authorities in Spain report that a 26-year-old woman has been arrested for attempted murder in the horrific crime against her two-day-old baby. Neighbors reported hearing what they thought was a crying cat trapped in the sewage pipes this morning at around 2 a.m. It turned out to be a little newborn baby boy. How absolutely disgusting.

The Spanish ministry says the baby weighed just about 4.6 pounds and was found wrapped in plastic bags with his umbilical cord still attached. His little arm was broken, and he sustained other injuries which have not been released to media yet. Thankfully, according to reports, the baby is in serious but not life-threatening condition. Thank God.

The ministry also said that the unidentified woman lived in the building where the baby was found. She checked herself into Alicante General Hospital saying she had suffered a miscarriage, but later, when faced with police questioning admitted that she had tried to get rid of the baby because she didn't have enough money to pay for an abortion. Police are investigating if this woman acted alone or if there's another evil person out there who helped.

Okay, so, I honestly am at a loss of words for this crime. The words that I CAN think of right now for this woman can't really be printed here. After suffering through the news and video of the baby rescued in China after also falling into the sewer pipes after his mom tried to give birth in secret, I could not believe there was another case of this. It's AWFUL and this evil mom deserves to pay for what she did. That poor little newborn! I honestly thank God that he was rescued alive and hope that great things await him in his future.

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