Evil mom who encouraged sex offender boyfriend to rape her baby girl should rot in jail forever (VIDEO)

In a story that is too horrible to understand, a Missouri mother is facing murder charges after allegedly allowing and even encouraging her boyfriend to rape her baby daughter.

According to prosecutors, Jessica Lynn Howell knew her boyfriend, Jordan Lafeyette Prince, was a convicted child abuser but still allowed him to be around her baby daughter Ashlynn. Authorities say Howell was even in the trailer with Prince when he reportedly raped and strangled the 4-month-old girl last December.

That poor little girl. What kind of person--if you can call her that--would ever allow something like that to happen, let alone a mother to her own daughter?


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Details in the murder case against Howell only continue to get more disturbing as they arise. In new information released this week, prosecuting attorney Tim Lohmar revealed that text messages between Howell and Prince indicate that the mother openly allowed the abuse to occur and even suggested "some unspeakable things."

She is now facing charges of child abuse and second-degree murder and is being held in jail with a $1 million bond. Meanwhile, Prince has been indicted on first-degree murder, as well as child abuse and forcible sodomy.

Hearing of this story made tears well up in my eyes. That innocent little girl is helpless and depends on her mother to keep her thriving. Instead, Howell basically turned her over willingly to a monster. It's too heartbreaking to think about. They honestly both deserve to be in jail for the rest of their lives for what they did and I hope that's what they get--the absolutely harshest sentencing for their unbelievably heinous crimes.

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