Watch the dramatic rescue of a toddler falling out a fourth-story window! (VIDEO)

Five deliverymen are officially heroes after coming to the rescue of a toddler as she fell from a fourth floor window in China.

The men were reportedly working nearby when they heard a little girl's cries and went out into the street to investigate. That's when they saw the toddler named, Qiqi, dangling from a high windowsill in an apartment building.


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Apparently, the toddler's parents had left their daughter at home alone while she was sleeping and when she woke up, she somehow managed to climb onto the windowsill where the workers spotted her. As can be seen in the unbelievable video below, the men ran over as soon as they saw and were able to catch her just as she fell. Wow, talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Two of the men were injured in the rescue--one reportedly hurt his neck and the other, his arm--but little QiQi was able to escape the entire harrowing ordeal with only a scrape on her face! Is that a miracle or what?!

I'm so relieved to hear that the little girl is okay and that those men just happened to be there right when she needed them. However, I'm more than a little horrified to learn that their parents had left their young toddler at home by herself. Regardless of whether they thought she was sleeping, that's obviously an incredibly dangerous move, one that probably would've caused the baby harm even if she hadn't climbed onto that windowsill. I just hope that they're more careful and attentive from now on so that their daughter never has to go through another scary experience like this one agan!

Watch the entire incredible rescue here:

Image via Telegraph

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