Fearless 10-year-old boy fends off home intruders with their own gun!

A brave 10-year-old managed to fend off two robbers that broke into his Brooklyn home last night by disarming one of the men and using the gun against them!

Apparently, it all started when two men posed as FedEx deliverymen and then forced their way into the family's home Monday evening. They ordered two teens to stay in the living room while they searched the house, but the younger boy managed to escape to his bedroom. When the intruders tried to approach the room, the quick-thinking child didn't hesitate before taking action.


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As one of the men tried to reach into the boy's bedroom with the gun in his hand, the kid slammed the door into him as hard as he could, causing the invader to drop his weapon. That's when the boy grabbed the gun and fired off a shot, scaring the robbers enough to make them flee--although not before one of them had fired back at him. Amazingly, no one was hit.

Wow ... what a crazy story. Most of me is pretty impressed that the young kid found it in himself to make such a gutsy move against two older guys with guns. Still, the other part of me help but cringe at the thought of this little kid picking up the weapon and firing it off. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured or killed in this incident, but his actions could've definitely had dire consequences. I just hope his parents make sure to let him know that just because things worked out in his favor this time around, doesn't mean he shouldn't be more careful about considering risks before making decisions in the future.  

That being said, I have to give him kudos to for being so brave and for potentially saving the lives of the other people in that house!

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