4-year-old missing girl found under bed (VIDEO)

Very happy ending in the search for a 4-year-old girl who had gone missing in Richmond, California. The little girl, Amieya Renee Stewart, was under the care of her grandmother on Friday when all of a sudden she just disappeared.


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Amieya went missing at around 5pm. The house was searched top to bottom by both family and police. Police dogs were brought in and they were also unable to find the girl. Neighbors aided police by scouring the neighborhood until the little girl was found at midnight underneath her grandmother's bed sleeping.

She hadn't been found earlier because she had surrounded herself with items so she wasn't immediately visible. Huge sigh of relief all the way around. Amieya's mother tearfully and apologetically told NBC News Bay Area,

I just want to tell everybody thank you [Amieya] means a lot to me. I'm sorry that she was in here. I feel like we looked for her really, really good and they had the dogs come in and everything. I'm sorry to put everybody through this, but I'm so happy she's okay and that nothing bad happened to her.

I'm pretty sure not one single person could possibly be upset with her for worrying about her missing daughter enough to call the police. I am so happy to hear that the little girl is safe and sound.

Amieya's family say that she loves to hide. Apparently, she is extremely good at it.

Image via NBC Bay Area News

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