Starbucks store used toilet water to make coffee & that's one nasty secret ingredient (VIDEO)

It's not surprising that the upscale financial district in Hong Kong has a Starbucks, I mean they're everywhere. What is surprising is that up until very recently that Starbucks was using water from a spicket next to a urinal to make its coffee. Yuck, yuckity, yuck!


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This particular Starbucks is located in the Bank of China building and has no direct water supply. You can't make coffee without water and ever since the store opened in October 2011, it had been getting its water from a dingy toilet in the buildings parking area. The tap in the restroom was clearly labeled "Starbucks Only" and is a few feet away from a urinal. Can we say germs and cross-contamination.

I wouldn't be so worried about the toilet getting cross-contaminated with coffee, but procuring anything from a bathroom that is going to be used in a food preparation area just seems wrong. Am I wrong?

Supposedly the water would be passed through a filtration system before being used, but still...GROSS! I just don't see how you can carry a container back and forth from a bathroom to a food prep area without having some of the bathroom germs end up where you don't want them to.

I'm thinking that maybe you shouldn't open a Starbucks in a location that has no direct water supply in the first place. Doesn't make any sense. Since the Agence France-Presse reported on the questionable hygiene practices, the store has switched to using distilled water. Hopefully they are not storing the back-up water in the john.

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