Mom suing after 8-year-old son forced to perform oral sex on 3 male classmates at school!

A furious mother is suing the Board of Education for $6 million after discovering that her third-grade son was reportedly pushed into the bathroom stall of his Harlem elementary school and forced to perform oral sex on three male classmates. I'm getting sick to my stomach just hearing about this horrifying incident, so if I was this poor kid's mother I'd definitely be outraged!


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The sick incident took place last March at Public School 194 in Harlem, New York. The third grader finished taking his lunch and was in the hallway waiting for his class to begin, when all of a sudden, a fifth grader (the alleged ringleader of the group) came pushing him into a bathroom stall with the help of two other third-graders. The 8-year-old began screaming for the three boys to stop, but they didn't. Instead they forced the poor kid to his knees, held his hands behind his back, pulled their pants down, and forced him to perform oral sex on all three of them. Ugh!!!

This has to be the most mortifying thing I've ever heard of. I literally had tears running down my face when I first read about this. This poor little boy!

After the incident went down, the 8-year-old ran to his classroom and told his teacher everything that had happened. And if this story wasn't upsetting enough, those three little sickos also made sure they "told everyone" what they forced the third-grader to do. The teacher informed the school's guidance counselor, Alicia Blackwood, of the incident as well as the school's principal, Josephine Bazan, who then called the boy's mother.

But his mom is definitely not letting go of this without a serious fight. She got herself a lawyer and is aggressively filing a $6 million lawsuit against the city's Education Department for "emotional and psychological anguish," claiming that her son "wakes up in the middle of night screaming and crying." She believe that the school and education system are responsible for failing to alert any parents about how the accused fifth grader already had a history of being a "sexual deviant." Apparently, the kid tried touching a third-grade girl under her skirt back in 2009 and the principal did nothing about it.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. These terrible little kids have scared this 8-year-old boy for life and I'm absolutely disgusted by the way the school chose to handle this. I hope this woman wins this lawsuit, even though I'm afraid it won't take away that poor kid's trauma.

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