Oh this story is just sad. A French court has convicted has sentenced a vegan couple to five years in prison after ruling that they had caused the death of their baby through their unbalanced diet and for not seeking medical treatment when the baby got sick.

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Joel and Sergine Le Moaligou's 11-month-old daughter Louise died at their home in 2008. An autopsy revealed that the baby had a deficiency of vitamins A and B12, which made her more susceptible to infections. These deficiencies are accredited to the baby being exclusively breastfed by a vegan mother, hence the imbalanced diet.

Louise contracted bronchitis and her parents did not seek medical care fast enough. They tried to treat her condition with home remedies and when she took a turn for the worse they called an ambulance, but Louise died before help arrived.

I'm so torn on this because I don't believe that these parents were trying to harm their child. I'm sure they were doing what they thought was best, but they made poor choices. I am much more upset by them not seeking medical care when the baby was obviously sick than by the vitamin deficiency caused by their vegan diet. It makes me think that the baby was not being attended to because surely if she was being checked on regularly by a pediatrician, the pediatrician would have advised supplements.

Ugh, but then to have the greiving parents put in jail when they have an older daughter, Elodie, who now is entrusted to social services at the age of 12, makes me feel unbelievably bad for the family as a whole.

I'm sorry Louise died, I'm sorry the Le Moaligous didn't get medical treatment for her soon enough, I'm sorry this story will give fodder to those strongly opposed to veganism, I'm sorry the grieving parents will spend five years in prison, I'm sorry Elodie has lost both a baby sister and her parents. I'm just sorry about all of it.

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I'm not complete vegan and I do try home remedies but my son's  health comes first...

this is bull. if the couple had opted for an abortion it would have been a-okay.
The both of them are right where they belong; in prison! How can anyone feel bad for neglectful "parents, is beyond me. Is anyone reading this? the baby had 11 months, the baby could have been feed other foods . It is our jobs as parents, to put our children 1st. !
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I'd like to see what this mothers diet was. The head lines for this makes it sound like if you become a vegan it's a death sentence which its not you just need to do it right. I think the bigger problem here is the child had bronchitis and wasn't immediately and properly treated. I'm guessing these were "hippy" people and wanted to avoid modern medicine. But bronchitis....in an 11 month old requires medicine. Should they be in jail? I don't know. I can't imagine losing a child I think that's prison enough but of course we don't know all the details.
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There WAS a pediatrician who was monitoring the baby. S/he had recommended to the parents during the 9month visit that their baby was sick and needed treatment from a hospital, but the parents refused care and took the baby home instead and tried their home remedies, even though their baby got sicker. THAT is neglect.
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I think they were rightfully charged. As a parent, this screams irresponsibility. An 11 month old PERSON died because she wasn't receiving proper nutrients AND it caused her to become ill. Even STILL they didn't seek medical attention. I'm all for "home remedies"... But if its for a child I think they should be given under medical supervision.
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Eat meat. The human body was designed to consume it.
This is such BS that the veganism caused this. Good lord people are stupid.
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I find it hard to believe the baby died because she was vegan.. People do neglect children and breast feeding can be mighty frustrating at times. If they neglected the baby that is terrible. I don't buy the im Vegan excuse so my baby didn't get its nutrients excuse that's BS. I'd hope your body would find a way to extract those vitamins. Was she seeing a doctor? He would have warned her that the baby needs vitamins because it might be missing essential vitamin and minerals do to her being Vegan.. This is bull though i bet theyre just horrible people.
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I think the mainstay diets like veganism should be taken seriously and there should be guidelines and advice published to help them practise their beliefs safely. They could have raised a healthy child if they had gotten the right information. People are stubborn though and need other vegans to internally spread good advice about child rearing and diet. I think also a lot of people don't realise that it's actually better to introduce solids to children sooner rather than later, this actually help the body to adjust and reduce the risk of allergies and supports the body's nutrition.
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