Breastfeeding vegan mother charged with neglect after baby dies & it's ridiculous

Oh this story is just sad. A French court has convicted has sentenced a vegan couple to five years in prison after ruling that they had caused the death of their baby through their unbalanced diet and for not seeking medical treatment when the baby got sick.


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Joel and Sergine Le Moaligou's 11-month-old daughter Louise died at their home in 2008. An autopsy revealed that the baby had a deficiency of vitamins A and B12, which made her more susceptible to infections. These deficiencies are accredited to the baby being exclusively breastfed by a vegan mother, hence the imbalanced diet.

Louise contracted bronchitis and her parents did not seek medical care fast enough. They tried to treat her condition with home remedies and when she took a turn for the worse they called an ambulance, but Louise died before help arrived.

I'm so torn on this because I don't believe that these parents were trying to harm their child. I'm sure they were doing what they thought was best, but they made poor choices. I am much more upset by them not seeking medical care when the baby was obviously sick than by the vitamin deficiency caused by their vegan diet. It makes me think that the baby was not being attended to because surely if she was being checked on regularly by a pediatrician, the pediatrician would have advised supplements.

Ugh, but then to have the greiving parents put in jail when they have an older daughter, Elodie, who now is entrusted to social services at the age of 12, makes me feel unbelievably bad for the family as a whole.

I'm sorry Louise died, I'm sorry the Le Moaligous didn't get medical treatment for her soon enough, I'm sorry this story will give fodder to those strongly opposed to veganism, I'm sorry the grieving parents will spend five years in prison, I'm sorry Elodie has lost both a baby sister and her parents. I'm just sorry about all of it.

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