Oklahoma tornado: See the moment the giant storm slams into elementary school!

Shocking new footage has been released from the Oklahoma, after a teacher captured footage on her cell phone of the horrifying moment when the monster tornado barreled down on her school. Robin Dziedzic, a fifth grade teacher at Briarwood Elementary School was huddled with her 25 students in a bathroom when the tornado hit Monday afternoon.

The video she shot during the twister is so scary that it's hard to imagine the horror the victims went through witnessing it first-hand. Before you watch it, we warn you to brace yourselves as you witness the frightening moments this teacher and her students went through.


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The footage which was exclusively released to ABC, shows Dziedic in a pitch black bathroom with her students as they prepare to ride out the twister that is set to hit the school. In a matter of moments, shrieks and cries are heard but overpowered by the roar of the tornado as it destroys the school.

Dziedzic, also a mom of two, is heard trying to calm down her students telling them that the storm was almost over, but you could still feel the fear in her voice. The scenes that follow after the storm passes are truly heartbreaking as they show the school destroyed and ripped apart. Dziedic and her students appear safe and sound, but she cries repeatedly saying "Oh, my god. Oh, my god, my house. Oh, my god."  

She took an ABC reporter back to the remnants of the school to show where she and her students were situated during the storm. It's heartbreaking to see that what was once a school is now a pile of rubble and their playground, no longer existent.

This teacher and her students were lucky to get out alive during the deadly twister which took so many lives. I can't imagine the horror they must have gone through in those moments, and although they lost everything, at least they managed to get out alive. Hearing about the number of children who died in this natural disaster is heartbreaking, but it brings some comfort to know that these students are safe and well. Our thoughts remain with the Oklahoma tornado victims as they embark on a long road to recovery.

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