Despicable cops entrap special-needs kid on BS drug charges (VIDEO)

Let's start off with a few basic details: Doug and Catherine Snodgrass of Temecula, California are suing their 17-year-old's high school for participating "with local authorities in an undercover drug sting that intentionally targeted and discriminated against their son."

You should know that I am steaming mad and seething as I write this! The kid was befriended by an undercover cop and basically peer pressured into buying drugs for the cop. But it gets worse!


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Another very important detail is that their son has been diagnosed with autism, bipolar disorder, Tourette's syndrome and various anxiety disorders, which has made it very difficult for him to have any friends.

The couple's son met a boy named Daniel in his art class at Chaparral High School who befriended him. Their son was excited about the new friendship and was texting with his buddy around the clock. Little did anyone other than the school administrators know that Daniel was an undercover cop.

Daniel asked the Snodgrass' son to buy him marijuana for $20. He also tried to buy some of the boy's medication, which the boy would not sell to him. Daniel kept at it and eventually got the boy to get him half a joint from a homeless guy and later buy another joint from another homeless man for $20. Keep in mind this was all instigated by Daniel and that because of his diagnosed conditions the Snodgrass' son has difficulty reading social cues.

This sting operation lead to the arrest of the 17-year-old boy and 20 other students. Are you friggin' kidding me with this? You send in grown-ass cops to persuade kids into breaking the law and then you blame it on the kids? I'm particularly pissed off that the Snodgrass' son was targeted, but I'm pissed off that any high school students are being approached this way.

This is just wrong. Wasting police manpower and hours on this kind of BS makes no sense. It's the kind of thing that gives cops a bad name and I agree that the school should be held accountable for letting this sort of thing happen.

If there is a drug problem on campus, by all means deal with it, but do not manufacture one to produce arrests. I am appalled.

Image via ABC News