Boston bombings: Mystery man connected to Tsarnaev's killed by FBI in bizarre twist to case (VIDEO)

Just when it seemed like we knew as much news as we could about the Boston Marathon bombings, yet another strange twist has occurred in the case. This morning, authorities revealed that man thought to be a friend of deceased Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been fatally shot in Orlando, Florida after attacking an FBI agent.


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The man, identified as Ibragim Todashev, was being interviewed early this morning by an agent and other law enforcement officals when he allegedly turned violent. As of now, the FBI hasn't revealed much about what exactly prompted the attack, but confirmed that the agent's injuries were not life threatening. Officials have reportedly dispatched a shooting-response unit from Washington to Florida to help invesigators determine more details of the incident.

Though authorities aren't sharing much information, the news has brought up a ton of questions, including the two obvious ones: Who was this man and was he involved? Since the attack over a month ago, the FBI and law enforcement officials in Boston have interviewed all kinds of friends and acquaintances of the two Tsarnaev brothers in an effort to learn how they became radicalized and if they had accomplices in their crime.

Until the FBI releases more information (if they decide to), it's unknown if Todashev was any different. All we know for sure is that he was from Chechnya, was linked to the elder Tsarnaev brother, and also once lived in Boston--which isn't very much at all.

Now, his death leaves the public with many unanswered questions--and reminds us that the case is not over. Personally, all I can hope is that the FBI and other investigators continue to do all they can to better understand what happened and in turn, keep the rest of the nation safe.

Image via Orange County Sheriff's Office

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