Latina girl killed & parents injured as gunmen walk right up to front door & open fire (VIDEO)

Ten-year-old San Francisco girl Elvira Campos was killed when two gunmen reportedly walked up to the front door of their Northern California home on Saturday night and opened fire.  At least a dozen shots were fired at the house, but her parents are expected to survive. According to police, it was clear the shooters were "directly outside the front door."

What could ever drive someone to commit such a cruel and senseless act of violence? To think these people just walked up to this innocent family's home ... it's terrifying and downright heartbreaking.


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Sacramento County sheriff's officials, who are now on the hunt for the two gunmen, suspect that another family member had gang ties that might have spurred the shooting. "You have to be hard pressed to think a 10-year-old girl was the intended target," Sacramento County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Jason Ramos said.

Authorities say the girl also had a 14-year-old brother who was playing video games in a back room at the time of the incident and was not hurt. The family had reportedly lived in the home for less than a year.

What an unbelievably tragic ordeal. I can't even begin to image what those parents and their loved ones must be going through right now. I mean, this family was just enjoying an innocent Saturday night at home. They weren't doing anything wrong. It's hard to comprehend how that could end in such a devastating loss. I only hope these men are found and made to pay the price for their cruel and horrific crime.


Image via FOX 40

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