Amazing dad helps trap men who solicited his teen daughters for sex (VIDEO)

In a scene straight out of a movie, a Utah dad helped trap two men who tried to solicit his teen daughters for sex.

Police say two unidentified sisters, ages 14 and 16, were walking through a Macey's grocery store parking lot on Wednesday when 27-year-old Alexander Navidad-Hernandez and 36-year-old Javier Santos-Jacobo approached them asking if they wanted any money. Navidad-Hernandez handed the girls a five-dollar bill with a phone number scribbled across it and told them to call if they wanted more.

Ugh, gross! It's beyond disturbing to know that there are grown men out who will treat such young girls like that.


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Once safely home, the girls told their dad what had happened. The understandably outraged father asked his eldest daughter to call the number and ask what his exact intentions were. When the man answered, the girl claims he offered her $30 for sex and refuted to pay $50 when she went along with the scheme and suggested a higher fee.

The father immediately contacted the local police who helped him stage a plot to trap the guys by having the youngest daughter call Navidad-Hernandez back and express interest in his offer. The girls planned to meet him and a friend at a local junior high parking lot, where the police were waiting nearby. Both men have since been jailed on charges of enticing a minor and sexual solicitation.

Wow! Good for the dad for taking action and not letting those men get away with their sick actions. Just think: If he hadn't done something about it and gotten the police involved, they could've pursued and potentially harmed other young girls! And I also have to give credit to the young teens in this particular case for doing the right thing and telling their dad what happened. I'm just glad that they're safe and that the authorities were able to catch these guys before anything worse happened.

Image via KUTV

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