Childcare center loses 5-year-old boy, offers outraged mom $7 discount in return

An Australian mom is understandably outraged after staff at a childcare center lost her 5-year-old son--and didn't even notice until a full hour later after he had been found!!


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According to the unidentified mother, her son went wandering off while in between activities at Worongary State School's Helping Hands Network after-school care group earlier this month. The young boy crossed NINE roads and had walked about a mile away from the school when he was eventually found by another parent.

Police notified the boy's mother, who says the staff had not even noticed that the boy missing, even though approximately an hour had gone by! To add insult to injury, the Helping Hands manager called the mother after the incident to apologize and to inform her she would not be billed $7 for childcare that afternoon. 

Seriously? They lost her 5-year-old child and then have the audacity to try to make up for it by offering a $7 discount?! They should be giving her ALL her money back because clearly they are not doing their jobs. What if that kid had been hit by a car? What if he was picked up not by some kind mom, but by some crazed lunatic?

If I was in that mother's shoes, I would be absolutely livid. And though I'm sure (or at least I hope) she has already pulled her kid out of that care center, I don't blame her for wanting to make her story public. Firstly, because ther parents should know what they could be getting their kids into but also, because hopefully this negative attention will give Helping Hands the kick in the butt they obviously need to start getting their act together.

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