Man comes back to life at his own funeral, leaves family stunned!

Mourners at a funeral recently got the shock of a lifetime when the man they were about to bury suddenly came back to life!

Yup, you read that right. Friends and family thought 34-year-old Zimbabwe man Brighton Dama Zanthe had died after a long illness ... until he started moving in his coffin last Monday.    


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After seeing the movement, those attending the funeral reportedly "jumped out of their skins" and "ran for their lives." They apparently thought the man had come back to haunt them! Wow ... I can't say I blame them for reacting that way! Can you imagine finding yourself in that situation? I probably would have fainted from shock.

One man however somehow managed to stay cool and collected, jumping into action to save his friend. He pulled the blankets off Zanthe's body and called an ambulance. Zanthe was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he spent two days in intensive care before being discharged last week.

"What I can only confirm is that people gathered at my house to mourn but I was given another chance and I am alive. I feel okay now," he told

Um, is that the craziest story you've ever heard or what?! What I don't understand is how the mix-up occurred in the first place. Was he not breathing when they were about to bury him? And if so, how the heck did he just wake up like that? I guess there's not really an explanation, but either way, I bet both Zanthe and his loved ones have a newfound appreciation for life after such a crazy experience.

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