The 10 years spent in Ariel Castro's house of horrors is worse than anything you could've imagined

Cleveland accused kidnapper Ariel Castro continues to make headlines as even more disturbing details are released about how savagely he treated the three women he held captive for more than a decade in his basement. Castro's attorneys recently revealed that he is not pleading guilty on the kidnapping and rape charges he was given and say that he is not the "monster" the media depicts him to be.

However, new reports prove otherwise and say the girls, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, and Amanda Berry were treated like prisoners of war leaving them with severe hearing loss and joint and muscle damage. The details are quite disturbing that you may want to brace yourself for this…


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Although the women were all under his reign during the time he had them kidnapped, press reports that Amanda Berry seemed to be Castro's favorite. Of the three victims she was the only one treated slightly better, and also bore Castro's now 6-year-old daughter, Joselyn.   

But even more sickening details are emerging from the case according to a story in the National Enquirer and their anonymous sources. Here are more chilling details of what has been revealed:

  1. Joselyn was going to be the next victim: A source told the National Enquirer that Castro's 6-year-old daughter with Berry was being groomed to be his next sex slave. They added that this was because the other girls "were getting too old for him."
  2. They were starved: DeJesus and Knight were found to be malnourished and gaunt when they were set free from their torturer's home.
  3. They were chained up: The women were treated like animals and were chained to the wall in the basement of Castro's home. There were also dog leashes attached to the ceiling and Knight and DeJesus spent most of the time locked up in the basement.
  4. One girl couldn't move her head: DeJesus reportedly has difficulty moving her head around due to having been chained up.
  5. They suffered bed sores: The victims had bed sores similar to those of prisoners of war (POWs) from being left in one position for long periods of time.
  6. Son's ex-wife said Castro gave her the "heevie jeevies": Castro's son Anthony's ex-wife Monica Stephens said she was shocked by how the accused kidnapper would "obsessively" keep things locked up. She told CNN that Castro kept bedrooms padlocked and there was only a mattress furnishing each room.
  7. Castro duct taped the women's faces: Reportedly when Castro would leave for extensive periods of time, he would duct tape his victims all over their faces, only leaving an opening for them to breathe. He would then torture them by ripping it off pulling out skin and hair.  
  8. Starved and aborted Knight's babies cruelly: Castro only fathered one child with Berry, but impregnated Knight five times. However, he would starve her and punch her repeatedly in the stomach in attempts to kill the fetus, because as the sources say, he thought she was too short and mentally disabled.
  9. Castro tormented them with food: The National Enquirer's source said that the kidnapper would starve two of the women, and feed the other and made them watch as he ate in front of them.
  10. Castro kept a close watch on his victims: The sources told the Enquirer that Castro would usually keep two women in the basement and one upstairs. Presumably DeJesus and Knight were kept in the basement and Berry on the upper level.

Words don't even begin to describe what a despicable, depraved monster this guy is. I hope justice is done in this awful, heartbreaking case.

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