Ariel Castro's kidnapping victims finally speak out (VIDEO)

After almost a week of being free from Ariel Castro's evil grasp, the three victims in the Cleveland kidnappings case--Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight--who were held captive for more than a decade in Castro's home, are finally speaking out, and expressing their thanks for all the love and support they have received since their miraculous escape.


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The three victims hadn't publicly spoken since escaping the horrifying walls of Castro's basement, but they recently reached out through a spokesman on Mother's Day showing their appreciation for law enforcements efforts and support.

"Thank you so much for everything you're doing and continue to do. I am so happy to be home with my family," said Amanda Berry in a statement.

Now that their finally home, all three women have found themselves in unusually protective environments, understandably. Amanda has remained at the home of her sister, Beth Serrano; sadly her mother died while she was still kidnapped. Gina DeJesus has been living with her parents and spending a lot of time with close relatives and friends. And Michelle Knight, who has maintained some distance from family and friends said:  "Thank you to everyone for your support and good wishes. I am healthy, happy and safe, and will reach out to family, friends and supporters in good time." It's not yet known where Knight is staying or why she's keeping her distance, but I'm guessing she still has to process all that has happened to her in the past decade, and if this is what she wants, she should get it. I'm just glad she's okay.

For now, Berry, DeJesus, and Knight will not be making any more statements to the press or speaking publicly about their ordeal because of the ongoing criminal investigation against their kidnapper.

But these women aren't the only ones who seem to be scarred for life. Castro's own family, especially his two brothers Onil and Pedro Castro, are absolutely disgusted with him. In fact, they said in an interview with CNN that he's a "monster who should rot in jail." Remember that all three Castro brothers were initially arrested for kidnapping before Onil and Pedro were released a few days later.

"I just want the families to get justice to the fullest extent and I don't want ever to ever see anything like that to happen to anybody in this world," Castro's brother Onil said in the interview. "This has torn my heart apart, this has killed me. I'm a walking corpse right now."

Even though Onil and Pedro are now free, their lives are changed forever. Not only is their brother a sick criminal, but they have been portrayed as the monsters behind a crime they never committed. I really hope Castro suffers for years behind those prison bars. That man has no idea how many lives he has destroyed.

Check out the CNN interview with Castro's brothers below:

Image via ABC News

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