Inside Ariel Castro's house of horrors, son reveals what it was like growing up (VIDEO)

The son of the suspected Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro is now speaking out and revealing more details about his childhood with his father. Though 31-year-old Anthony Castro expressed shock and horror upon learning of his dad's arrest, he told the Daily Mail that his father was often secretive throughout his childhood and had padlocked the doors leading to the home's basement, attic, and garage to prevent the rest of the family from going inside.


Anthony says he has infrequent contact with his father ever since his mother moved him and his three sisters out of his house in 1996 after years of violent abuse. But he recalls that Castro would bar him and his siblings from entering certain rooms when he wasn't around. And he alleges that when he stopped by his father's house only two weeks ago for one of his infrequent visits, he was not even invited inside.

Perhaps most distressing though is a conversation Anthony remembers having with his dad in mid-April. According to him, Castro asked him whether he thought police would ever find Amanda Berry, one of the women rescued from his home earlier this week. When Anthony allegedly said he thought Berry was likely dead because she had been missing so long, Ariel responded by saying, "Really? You think so?"

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Ugh, what a sick, twisted man! From what Anthony says, it seems as if Castro takes great pride in knowing that he's been getting away with for so long.  And to think that Anthony grew up right in the same house, never knowing who was behind those locked doors. That seriously sends chills down my spine.

Anthony's account only adds to the mystery of how the three women were held captive inside the house for so many years on end without anyone knowing. Especially because since the rescue, investigators have revealed that child welfare officials had visited the house before in early 2004 after Castro allegedly left a child on a school bus.

And several neighbors have also stepped forward to say they reported a number of suspicious or disturbing incidents at the house. One neighbor even reported seeing three naked young girls crawling in the backyard of his house on all fours with dog leashes around their necks, but say police never responded to their call! However, the call reportedly spurred Castro to put tarps on his windows, preventing anyone from looking in. City officials deny these accounts.

There are obviously still so many unanswered questions left in this case, including ones we might never fully know the answer to. For now, all we can do is hope that the three women who were rescued are safe and happy with their families and that investigators are working to bring Castro and his brothers to justice as soon as possible.

Image via Cleveland Police Department

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