Survivor of bachelorette limo fire says driver did NOT try to help any of the victims at all (VIDEO)

Nine women were in a limousine in the San Francisco Bay Area headed to Foster City for a bridal shower on Saturday night when a fire erupted in the back of the limo. According to Orville Brown, the limo driver, he initially did not understand when one of the passengers in the back knocked on the partition between the driver and passenger area. He thought that she was asking if she could smoke, not complaining of smoke.

When he finally understood what was going on, he says he pulled over and helped 4 of the women get out of the limo through the partition, but the limo was engulfed in flames so quickly he couldn't help everyone. Five of the passengers died in the back part of the limo. One of the surviving passengers, Nelia Arellano, disputes the driver's account. According to Arellano, the driver did nothing to help the women get out of the burning vehicle once he exited.


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It is doubtful we will ever know exactly what happened in this situation and if the driver's version or Arellano's version is more accurate. The truth probably lies somewhere in between and no matter what, five women are unfortunately dead and cannot be brought back.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation. The five who died were found huddled near the partition to the drivers compartment apparently unable to squeeze through the 3 foot by 1 1/2 foot partition. They "succumbed to the smoke and flames," Mike Maskarich of the California Highway Patrol said in a news conference.

What a terrifying way to die. The bride, Neriza Fojas, celebrating her bridal shower is one of the women who died in the fire. She had already wed her new husband and they had planned to renew their vows in the Philipines next month. Absolutely tragic.

The following mobile phone footage shows the limo in flames.

Image via Detroit Free Press