Model commutes to work naked. Um, why? (VIDEO)

A gorgeous German model decided to commute riding public transportation completely naked in Dusseldorf, Germany. I'm talking totally in the buff. The chick only wore sunglasses, shoes, and carried a  purse--NOTHING else! And she really tried to blend in with her commuters. mNow why would any woman in her right mind want to do something as insane as that? Apparently it was all done in the name of art. Oh please!


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The brains behind the crazy stunt was Swiss artist Milo Moire whose goal was to have the model take a journey on Dusseldorf's transportation system during the morning rush hour. It was part of a project called The Script System and the point was to capture commuters in shock, as it  distracted their daily routine. But the only one shocked was Moire by the unresponsive train riders.

The model  also had English words painted on her body describing the clothes she might had otherwise worn, like "bra", "shirt," and "slip." I don't know if this sort of thing happens a lot in Germany, but none of the commuters really seemed to care. She had a couple of hard stares and glances, but that was pretty much it. No one was taking pictures of her on their iphones, or video recording her, or pointing at her, or approaching or harassing her. It definitely wasn't the kind of reaction the artist was expecting to receive.

"Radical nudity becomes the defense shield against the stereotypes and makes the artist invisible," is the conclusion the artist came to and wrote on his website. Not too sure I actually agree with that. If that sort of thing happened in N.Y.C., there would have been a lot more than just blank stares going on. And I'm positive that everyone on that train would have pulled out their phone, recorded her, and immediately posted it to all their social media accounts. But then again, who knows?

It kind of makes you wonder if maybe we live in an age where public nudity isn't as shocking as it would have been let's say 15 or 20 years ago. Either way, I still wouldn't advise anyone to ever leave their house completely in the buff. It's like my abuela always says, "Never leave the house without looking your best because you never know who you might run into." Had this chick thought long and hard about what her abuela would have thought or the possible people she could had run into, she probably would had reconsidered.

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