Abandoned newborn found dead in the trash & police need help cracking the case (VIDEO)

Police in Chicago are asking the public for help as they investigate the death of a newborn baby boy abandoned at a recycling plant. An employee of the Resource Management Companies in Chicago Ridge discovered the body of the infant during a routine sorting operation.

He received the shock of a lifetime when he found the baby's dead body inside in a heavy red cooler on the conveyor belt before police were alerted.


According to UPI.com, police have yet to determine the cause of death and the identity of the child and claim that they don't yet know if a crime was even committed at this point. The infant who was found inside the cooler appeared to still have his umbilical cord intact and was wrapped in a blue towel.

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The baby is set to have an autopsy done through the Cook County medical examiner's office today as police await to find out further details from his death.  However, they're hoping the public can help them identify the deceased child and who the mother could be.

It's sad that this child died before even living a proper life and that his back story is a mystery. After all this time, you would think his mother would have been more responsible and taken him to a hospital instead of dumping him at a recycling plant. I hope authorities find her to get the answers they are looking for because that's the least this child deserves after being abandoned so coldly.   

 Image via WLS-TV

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