Poor mom abducted while working late-night shift at gas station to support family (VIDEO)

The disappearance of Michigian mother Jessica Heeringa, who was last seen finishing her late shift at a gas station, has now been classified as an abduction.

According to police, the 25-year-old made her last sale at around 11 p.m. on Friday and was preparing to close the store for the night. But 15 minutes later, authorities received a call from a customer reporting that the gas station was open but no employees were present. Now her family, including Heeringa's 3-year-old son, has been left wondering what happened and praying for her safe return.


Heeringa's mother, Shelly, says her daughter's purse and keys were left behind and the cleaning supplies she took at the end of the day were left on the counter. No money was taken from the station's cash register. And though police have yet to reveal any suspects, Shelly told ABC News that a witness saw her daughter "walk out of the store with this guy like there was no problem," before engaging in a struggle inside the person's van.

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She also added that she does not remember Heeringa ever complaining about any particular person or an incident that might have led to her missing. However, she does say she had previously expressed concern about her daughter working late at night by herself. Now, her worst fears have become a reality.  

"Right now, she was just at this job to support her and her little boy and her family," Shelly said. Her boyfriend had recently been laid off, so she was taking on extra shifts, and trying to do what she could."

What a horribly sad ordeal. Though I know it was extremely dangerous for Heeringa to be working alone so late at night, how can anyone blame her for doing so when it was all to support her child? She might have put herself in a vulnerable position, but she was only doing what she had to, like any good mom would.  And now, she is missing.

The whole thing is just heartbreaking to think about. I only hope that authorities are able to find her and bring her back to her family, and in particular her little boy, safely.

Anyone with information on Heeringa's disappearance is asked to call, Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME (231-722-7463).

Image via ABC News

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