Disgusting mom forced 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant because she couldn't have any more babies

A mom is serving time for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to become her surrogate mother, after she was told she could no longer adopt more children. This is honestly one of the most unthinkable forms of abuse I have ever heard about. The woman cannot be identified, nor can her daughter in this sensitive case, but she is being charged with a five year prison sentence after admitting to child cruelty.

The mother from the U.K., who already had adopted three children during her two former marriages and as a single mom, decided she wanted another child, but she reportedly had a health condition that caused her to have a sterilization operation. When she was denied a fourth child to adopt, that was when she did the unthinkable…


According to The Guardian, the judge of the case says the mother started inseminating her daughter when she was 14, but she miscarried during her first pregnancy, only to get pregnant again later at the age of 16. The first time she was inseminated a donor came to the house, but the others involved the disgusting mom buying sperm from an international sperm bank network based in Denmark. The insemination wasn't even done through a medical professional and instead the mother would have her daughter do it herself.

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The act, which the judge rightly calls "wicked" and "selfish," was discovered after one of the midwives noticed how demanding the mother was during the child's birth even preventing her daughter from breastfeeding the newborn with fears of it gaining an attachment to her. One of the midwives reported the unusual behavior to child services when the mother tried taking the baby from the ward.

Apparently this woman's home was no stranger to child services who made several visits after reports of her abusive behavior towards her children. Her eldest children were home schooled, and the father of her second adoptive child was excluded from their lives and didn't know anything about their whereabouts for the last 10 years.

She turned to her teen daughter to have a baby for her and the child accepted because she was afraid to deny her request and wanted her mom to love her more. The ordeal she went through not only violated her body but was abusive in other ways. For the past two years her mother would prepare syringes with the substances and had her inseminate herself at least seven times during this period. The mom even has an ovulation testing machine which would determine when the girl was most fertile.

Since the mother wanted another daughter, she would keep the teen on a strict diet which she was convinced would up her chances of conceiving a girl. She even had her using painful douches containing vinegar and lime juice for the same reason. There were also many complaints that the teen and the other children in the home were in danger, but child protective services found nothing suspicious during each visit to their home.  

This story not only sickened me to my stomach, but I had no idea that this type of abuse could exist. This mother was obsessed with having children, but didn't care about nurturing and caring for them and then made her teen daughter her personal breeder. How disgusting is that?! I'm completely appalled that she got away with this for so long, and I believe she deserves a worse prison sentence than the one she received. Police need to keep her off the streets because for all they know, once she's released she'll try to pull the stunt again but with other vulnerable teen girls.

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