2 young babies die in shower after exhausted mom passes out asleep for 10 hours

An inquest is underway in Australia to investigate the death of 2-year-old Lochlan James Steven and his little brother, 10-month-old Malachi IsaacStevens in November 2008. According to the boys' mother, she had put them in the shower to clean them up after Lochlan smeared feces from his diaper on the floors, walls, and baby's cot. Once she got them into the shower, she stepped out to get something, and closed the door behind her. Tragically, she did not come back for 10 hours because she fell asleep.

When she went back to the bathroom, both of the children were dead. "I passed out and the plug in the shower got plugged up...and the shower filled up ... and they're not breathing. They're dead," Ms. Hebble told an emergency services operator. 


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Like many mothers of young children, Hebble was suffering from sleep-deprivation due to Malachi's restlessness. She was home alone taking care of the boys while her husband, Chris Stevens, was working on a fly-in-fly-out basis.

This story breaks my heart. The thought of those two children suffering and dying at such a young age is inconceivable. It's easy to judge the mother and ultimately she is responsible, but I understand her exhaustion, as a mother I have lived her exhaustion. The consequences of her exhaustion are horrifying.

Imagine walking into that bathroom in a panic after waking up and finding 10-month-old Malachi floating on his side and two-year-old Lochlan lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth.

Ms. Hebble was accompanied and comforted by family members during the court proceedings. She and the boys' father are no longer together.

I wish everyone involved in this tragedy, including the deceased boys, peace.

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