Residents of a rural community in Northern California have been told by police to keep their doors locked as they conduct an intense manhunt for an intruder who stabbed an 8-year-old girl to death in her home Saturday around noon. Leila Fowler's 12-year-old brother found her severely injured after he encountered the intruder in their home and the man ran away. The boy immediately called his parents who alerted 911. Unfortunately, little Leila was pronounced dead at the hospital.

She would have turned 9 in June.

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The suspect has been described as a white or Hispanic male with long, gray hair "six foot tall, muscular build, last seen wearing a black long sleeved shirt and blue pants." Police have admitted the search is difficult because they're dealing with a rural and remote area. Ironically, many of the areas residents confessed they moved to the area because it's quiet and much safer than more urban areas. 

I just can't comprehend who would do such an atrocity and why. I can't help thinking about what that poor little girl went through and what the whole scene must have been like for her older brother. Not to mention the heartbreak and desperation the parents must have felt when they received their son's phone call.

Police are saying the killer is armed and dangerous and I can only imagine how scary that must be for the rest of the area's residents. I hope to God they catch the bastard, although I know that'll do nothing to change what I'm sure will forever be the worst day in the lives of little Leila's family.

Image via CBS Sacramento

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