Brave brother & sister swim 14 hours back to shore after boat sinks

A brother and sister's recent trip to St. Lucia went horribly wrong when their fishing boat started to sink and they were forced to swim for 14 hours from the wreck back to shore. much for a relaxing vacation!

Thirty-year-old Dan Suski and his 39-year-old sister, Kate Suski, were out at sea earlier this week on a chartered fishing boat when the electrical system suddenly blew out. As the boat started to take on more and more water, the siblings were forced to put on life jackets and jump overboard with the captain and first mate. After about an hour of waiting for help to come, the group decided to take action on their own. What followed was a harrowing, nearly 14-hour, 8-mile swim through rough waters back to dry land.


While swimming, the Suskis lost sight of the captain and first mate. Soon after, it started raining and they also lost sight of land. "We would just see swells and gray," Dan told the AP. After hours in the water, they finally spotted a sliver of sand that they could reach. And amazingly, their ordeal still didn't stop there. Even after reaching the shore, they had to spend the night unsheltered, then hike through thick brush until they finally found a farmworker who called for help.

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The siblings were treated at a local hospital and upgraded to suites upon returning to the hotel. Well, they definitely deserve it after what they've been through! They later found out that the captain and first mate were also rescued after spending nearly 24 hours in the water.

"There's this very real understanding that the situation is dire," Kate said of their traumatic experience. "You come face-to-face with understanding your own mortality. ... We both processed the possible ways we might die. Would we drown? Be eaten by a shark?"

Oh my god, I can't even begin to imagine how terrified they must have been. It's amazing that they found the strength to keep moving forward, even after swimming for hours on end. They are so fortunate that they not only had each other to rely on during that terrible ordeal, but also that they both were able to make it through and come out on the other side safely. Still, I have a feeling they won't be boarding a boat again anytime soon!

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