Stolen iPhone found when it rang in the thief's butt & we're not even joking

So this 47-year-old guy, Trent Patterson, is in a holding cell at the West Village station house in New York City, when his butt starts ringing. But wait (or in this case: butt wait), that's not all. Patterson's butt was ringing because he had shoved an iPhone that did not belong to him up in it. The owner of the iPhone had used an app to track it to the West Village station and was there to report the theft. 


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While at the police station, the "victim" (I don't like that word) called his phone and heard it ringing in a nearby cell. The sound of the ring was followed and Mr. Patterson admitted to having the phone up his butt where it seemed to still be doing a pretty good job.

Oh and to make this even more interesting, Patterson was in the cell not for stealing the iPhone, but for for allegedly burglarizing the Ted Baker clothing boutique in the Meatpacking District. This guy has a record and appears to be a career criminal. I would suggest that he consider switching careers because he is obviously not very good at his chosen craft.

As for the iPhone owner, I congratulate them on being able to crack the case of the stolen iPhone ... and finding it up a criminal's butt. It is a shame that once recovered, the iPhone is tainted by having been up someones poo poo hole. Yuck! I'm not sure I would ever want to use that phone again.

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