Woman squeezes man's scrotum so hard he dies & it's crazy

I have totally heard of road rage before, but I have never heard about the type of road rage I am about to share with you. A woman in China is on trial for allegedly killing a man by squeezing his scrotum! The trial began on April 8 for an incident that happened last year.

Apparently, the suspect parked her electric bike outside of a shop while she picked up her son from school. The shopkeeper ran out and yelled at her for blocking his business. I have no idea what happened next or how the confrontation escalated, but somehow the woman ended up grabbing shopkeeper's testicles and squeezing them with all her might.


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A witness reported hearing the woman say, "I'll squeeze it to death, you'll never have children again!" The shopkeeper went into shock from the pain. Paramedics arrived to treat the victim, but he was soon pronounced dead. 

How do you go from arguing with someone about parking to grabbing them by the balls and squeezing so hard that you kill the person? This doesn't appear to have been a case of self-defense. I mean, I have no idea if the shopkeeper was physically threatening the woman, but what a horrible way to die. It seems beyond gruesome and painful. I don't even have testicles and I swear I'm feeling an imaginary sympathy pain.

People around the world, let's relax. Take a breath, put the situation into perspective.

The suspect in question may be accused of murder. It seems like such a ridiculous reason to kill or hurt someone. I'm sure she probably didn't think she was going to kill the man, but even so keep your hands to yourself.

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