Watch the most disturbing & effective ads for gun control ever (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, it is easy to forget how much gun control issues were dominating the news. Our attention and the administration's attention has  justifiably shifted.

A very disturbing pro gun control public service announcement put out by States United to End Gun Violence reminds us of the gun control debate and calls for an update to antiquated gun laws. The 30-second spot uses a horrifying work scenario to make the case for updating the country's gun laws.


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I watched the spot and found it incredibly disturbing. I get the point it is trying to communicate (it's not very subtle) and I agree, but I'm not sure this is an effective way to get the point across. I mean as far as I'm concerned, they are already preaching to the choir, so I did not need to see something so graphic. As far as opponents to gun control laws, I'm pretty sure this ad is not going to change their minds. They will probably just blast it as heavy-handed. You can watch the ad below and make up your own mind, but be warned that it is upsetting and for adults only.

What I find to be more compelling than a dramatized version of a hypothetical situation to prove a point is a real-life narrative of someone who has been affected personally by gun violence. For example, Colin Goddard, a student who was shot 4 times at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, sharing his experience and why he favors gun control is far more effective than an ad (and I'm sorry to say this because I am totally pro gun-control) that comes off as propaganda, at least to me.

Here's just one example of Goddard speaking on his experience.

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