Time cover of bloody child after Boston Marathon explosion is upsetting (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Time magazine has released a horrifying photo of a child after the Boston Marathon explosions. The image is of a very young child being held in the arms of a police officer. The child is obviously terrified, his reddish hair is all matted up and there is blood on the side of his head. It is absolutely awful, I'm actually crying as I write this because it pains me to look at the image and further pains me to describe it.

The photo is going to be the cover of a digital-only issue that Time will be publishing and the image was previewed on Wednsday. The photograph was taken by Bill Hoenk and has some people very upset. Some have voiced their opinion on Twitter that this particular photo is just another example of the media taking advantage of a tragedy to make money.


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All of the photos taken by Hoenk of the devastation caused by the explosions are painful to look at, but this one of the child makes you ache on a whole other level. Hoenk describes the scene to Time and how he came to take the pictures:

I was there about 40 minutes or so when the first explosion happened. We saw the smoke and heard people screaming, and then within seconds, the second explosion happened directly in my line of sight, 30 feet away. There was a lot of chaos.

I was horrified by what I was seeing, but there was some sort of instinct that said, don't worry about that, just keep shooting, because you're the only person with a camera around that I could see and it needs to be done. So I kept shooting.

I remember looking down and seeing a baby carriage upside down with people running over it. It really freaked me out. I leaned over to pick up the baby carriage — there was no baby underneath — and so I started [moving] with the crowd. I jumped over the barrier separating the crowd from the road and ran back to see if I could help. There were a lot of people, and then I just started taking photos.

Am I upset by the photo? Absolutely! Am I upset at Hoenk for taking it? No, I really don't think he took that photo or any of the photos because he wanted to somehow profit personally from the event. I think he took them because he was compelled to, because he couldn't possible leave those stories untold. Am I mad at Time for releasing the photo? No. Of course it will financially benefit them, it is a riveting, gut-wrenching picture, but they did not commission it or stage it or cause it to happen, they are sharing it.

Do I wish I had never seen the photo? Yes, but only because I wish the Boston Marathon bombings had never happened. Yes, we should be very upset that such horrifying images exist, but let's not deflect our anger. Let's be angry at whoever caused such atrocities, not at those who are documenting them.

Here is the photo from Time:

Time magazine image via Bill Hoenk/Time
Opening image via Getty Images

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