One father's suicide wound up killing his entire family (VIDEO)

A Pennsylvania man's apparent suicide tragically resulted the death of three of his family members, in one of the most heartbreaking incidents I've ever heard.

According to police, Gary Reitnauer tried to end his life after having a disagreement with his wife, Michelle. He locked himself in a garage of an adjacent home on his family's property and started the car to kill himself. His wife and two daughters attempted to rescue him and that's when the situation got even more terrible...


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Authorities say that Reitnauer's wife and 16 and 10-year-old daughters tried to break into the garage and reach him, but were overcome by the carbon monoxide funes. Michelle was eventually found lying on the garage floor and the two girls were found in a kitchen next to the garage. Fire department rescue arrived, but were unable to revive the family. Now, the family's shocked and grieving relatives and friends are left to try and come to grips with the shocking news.

"The family was trying to save each other and it didn't work out," nephew Rob Zern told reporters. "...don't know what all went wrong, but it's a tragedy all around."

That it is. What an unbelievably saddening story. It would've been horrifying enough for the family to have lost their father and husband to suicide, but to know that all three were trying to rescue him at the time of their deaths is beyond devastating. And the whole thing is made even more unbearable by how young the girls were. My heart goes out to their loved ones, as they try to cope with this heartbreaking loss.

Image via 6ABC

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