I called 911 on my mother, so I can totally understand why this teen did too!

A teen from Vero Beach, FL was arrested for repeatedly calling 911 on his mom. Vincent Valo, 19, called the police because he didn't appreciate the way his mom was talking to him. What teen does? He was arrested after his second call on the same day for "abuse of 911."

It's good to know that your mother irritating you is not deemed an emergency by police because if it were, police stations across the nation would be severely understaffed.


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Vincent Valo was being ridiculous for calling the police on his mother and it turns out that he may have been drunk at the time. Still, Valo's story makes me remember a time I called the police on my mother.

It was the early 80's and my mother was a social butterfly.  We were at home and she was throwing one of her many parties when things got out of hand. There had been too much drinking, the adults were no longer acting responsible, and then some idiot showed up with a firearm and was threatening my tía (whom he was dating at the time). My mother didn't seem to think this was worth shutting the party down and just laughed it off like it was a silly drunk man's move. 

I freaked! I went into one of the bedrooms and called 911. I told them a party had gotten out of hand and gave them the address then hung up and hid. Soon enough the police came, my mom went to the door, when questioned she assured the officer that everything was under control, but that yes she would quiet things down. Then she asked the officer who had complained and he answered that the call had come from inside the house. Holy crap, I was scared! My mother did not try to find out who had made the call, but I was still nervous.

Many years later, I admitted to my mother that I was the one who called the cops and you know what? She wasn't mad at all. She said she figured it was me who had called and that she totally understood why I did it and didn't want to make me feel bad.


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