Boston Marathon bombings: New images could reveal bomb moments before explosion (VIDEO)

As the investigation into the Boston Marathon blasts continues, authorities have uncovered a scary image that could show one of the bombs minutes before it exploded.

According to the New York Daily News, the bombs, reportedly concocted from six-liter pressure cookers loaded with nails and shrapnel, were concealed in black nylon bags and left on the sidewalks near the crowd at the race's finish line. Now, the FBI are searching for more clues in a photo, which shows a grocery bag sitting on the ground in front of the spectator barricades where one of the blasts occurred.


Special Agent Richard DesLauriers, head of the FBI's Boston office, revealed that all of the evidence from the crime scene, including nails and pieces of the cookers, were sent to bureau headquarters where agents will try to reassemble the bombs in hopes of gathering more information .Investigators also found bits of a circuit board believed to be part of the timers, as well as the remains of a black, padded duffel bag that may have contained one of the explosives. CNN also reported that a lid of a pressure cooker was found on a rooftop near the scene.

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In an effort to gather more evidence, doctors have been instructed by investigators to save "all foreign material removed from wounds, and place them in specimen jars with patients' names."

It's so scary to look back and think that these explosives were lying in plain sight of all these innocent bystands! I, like most people, am still having a hard time processing Monday's horrific events and with no clear motive or suspect identified, everyone is still searching for answers. All we can do, however, is wait as the authorities continue their investigation and just pray that the person (or people) who commited this senseless act is caught and recieves the punishment they deserve.

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