Man stabs wife to death because he feared he gave her HIV

Arizona man Eugene Maraventano has been charged with fatally stabbing his wife and adult son in their home and his explanation for why he did so seriously left me shocked. Apparently, the 64-year-old had spent a lot of time with prostitutes and was afraid that he'd given his wife HIV and that his jobless son would suffer as a consequence. Huh?! That's the most twisted logic I've ever heard.


It all started when Maraventano's wife, Janet, suddenly became ill and the man started fearing that she might test positive for cancer or a disease he had given her from his past sexual indiscretions.  Instead of getting her tested or waiting to see what the sickness actually was, he stabbed his sleeping wife twice, killing her. Can you believe that?

Maraventano planned to kill himself right after, but then reportedly started thinking about their 27-year-old son, who he said had no girlfriend or job and spent most of his time playing video games. Fearing what would become of him, Marventano ended up stabbing him to death, too!

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After the stabbings, Maraventano allegedly made several unsuccessful suicide attempts and eventually calling 911 and turning himself to the police a few days later. "I killed my wife and I killed my son," the police document quotes Maraventano as telling a dispatcher. He is now facing two counts of first degree murder.  

I just cannot wrap my mind around this story. This guy must have been mentally ill to think these were legitimate reasons for killing his own wife and son, right? There's no one way any one could possibly justify those actions otherwise. The whole thing is just so scary and sad, especially since there's not even any evidence that proves his wife was really sick in the first place. Now, two innocent people have lost their lives at the hands of their own loved one.

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