Pepper SpraySome jerk in New Zealand is being charged for "allegedly" using his partner and their 1-year-old son as a shield against police pepper spray. Nice! Way to take care of your loved ones.

According to police in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand they attempted to arrest the 22-year-old man in question at his home for outstanding warrants. Naturally, the gent did not want to go to jail, his solution was to get violent and resist arrest. When the officers tried to subdue him with pepper spray, this genius allegedly grabbed his significant other and baby to protect himself.

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Once he was done endangering his baby, he tried to escape by jumping out of a window. Never fear, he was subdued with a Taser.

Obviously, this horrible father and poor excuse for a mate thought he was auditioning for and episode of Cops showcasing idiot criminals from around the world. Why else would he allegedly do something so cowardly and in such poor taste?

The man's name is being temporarily withheld on judge's orders, but I can tell you that his name is mud! He denies having tried to use his son as a shield against pepper spray, which is odd because the baby had to be treated at a hospital.

Maybe the explanation is that this foolish father knew he was going to get put in jail and craved one last hug from his baby boy right at the moment that the police were going to pepper spray him. It's not that he was being an irresponsible father, he was just trying to give his son a proper goodbye, and his timing was all wrong. Yeah, right!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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