Man almost dies when eel eats through his colon & you won't believe how it got there!

Chinese man puts eel up his butt and almost diesNowadays, everyone and their grandmother has a blog. You better be careful what you do because someone might write about it. Take for instance, the case of a Chinese man from the Guangdong province who decided to stick an eel up his butt. Can you blame his doctor for having to blog about it?

Okay, here's the story: a 39-year-old man got drunk and thought, hmmm it might be kinda fun to put an eel up my butt. A 20" eel was procured and inserted up his butt where it felt trapped and did its very best to get out. Poor eel.


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The eel does what any rational eel in the same predicament would do and gnaws through the man's colon trying to free itself. The man could have died if it weren't for surgeons working through the night to liberate the eel. Both the man and the eel survived and it is hard to tell which one is more traumatized.

This brings to mind the urban legend of Richard Gere putting a gerbil where the sun don't shine. Poor maligned Richard Gere. Unfortunately, this sad tale of a tortured swamp eel, appears to be the real deal and was inspired by a scene that the drunk moron saw in an X-rated film. I guess the whole thing went wrong because the eel was just too darned slippery. He should have put a leash on that thing or better yet, he should have never put it up his butt. Let's hope this man has learned his lesson.

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